Country manager for the Scandinavian Market - Channable

Country manager for the Scandinavian Market

Hey! Are you from Scandinavia? Are you fluent in Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish? If so, you are the sales and support associate we are looking for. Come join us and let’s conquer the Scandinavian market together!

Who are we looking for?

Currently we have a small number of customers in Scandinavia, but naturally we would like to step firmly on the market and work towards increase our presence there. What we would like you to do is to map out the rest of the market and effectively transfer the functionality and value aspects of our tool to potential customers. We are looking for someone who is not afraid to call and approach potential clients and who would like to help these new customers by phone and e-mail with the launch of their accounts. Overall, as a sales and support associate, you will be responsible for designing the perfect strategy to fully enter the Scandinavian market, but also for the outcome of it.

Does it sound like a lot of work? Well it is! Therefore, we do not want you to worry if you know nothing about our tool. In your first few weeks, we will give you a crash course and you will get to know it like the back of your hand. We find it very important that you fit well in our team and you have studied at a University. Additionally, you should know a bit of Dutch and be fluent in at least one of the Scandinavian languages and of course, have a passion for sales.

What we do?

Channable is a young organization with a team of more than 50 employees. We have developed an online tool that helps web shop owners and marketers in their online marketing efforts and meanwhile we have grown to be number one in the Netherlands. But what do we do exactly?

With our tool we can get our customers to easily compare products on comparison websites, marketplaces and affiliate networks. Worldwide! The tool is very simple to use: the product is loaded via a data feed (a file with all the product information), plug-in or an API and then is customizable using rules in order for the feed to comply with the specifications of the desired platform.

What do we offer?

Unfortunately, we do not have an office in Scandinavia yet, but you will receive a spot in our beautiful office in the heart of Utrecht including a nice salary. Additionally, you can have a complete lunch which we all enjoy together every day and last but not least, the opportunity to grow within Channable to unprecedented heights.


Contact by job agencies and recruiters will not be appreciated. Each recruiter or headhunter who approaches us agrees with a donation of € 250,- for Make-A-Wish.